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"Anti Aging & Longevity Nutritional Supplements
Feel The Vitality of Life and Youth Again"

Your health is the most valuable thing that you possess, wouldn't you like to protect it the best you can. The information contained on this site is so powerful that it will change the way you look at your health and could drastically affect the course of yo

Liquid Ionic Colloidal Minerals

Packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs in a great raspberry flavored liquid.

Quickly absorbed for an energy boost; charged with organic fulvic acid electrolytes, includes 67 important minerals, 17 essential vitamins, 21 amino acids, and three powerful enzymes to your body.

These ingredients aid the body as it converts nutrients to fuel and as it rejuvenates itself after physical exertion. This formula helps all body bio-systems function at normal capacity for your optimal health.


Powerful 'smart' antioxidant formulation that scavenge harmful free radicals. These free radicals can damage DNA molecules, which leads to cellular damage. Our antioxidants support your health by binding to free radical molecules and neutralizing their capacity.

Further, we use powerful 'smart' cascading antioxidants, which reactivate the scavenging activity of otherwise used, inert antioxidant molecules and elongate the life spans of other antioxidant molecules. Over 20 antioxidants combine in our formula to help lay a foundation for longevity at the cellular level.

DHEA Formula

Our formula feeds your body with OXO-7 DHEA analog, the chemical equivalent of metabolized DHEA. The brain reads OXO-7 levels to help determine the body’s biological age, and OXO-7 supplementation can support the health of your muscles, cardiovascular system, and immune system. Our DHEA formula also promotes enhanced libido and regular metabolic rates.

HGH Human Growth Hormone

IGF supplementation with our Professional Strength Growth Nutrient Formula can provide basic cellular support, which translates into complete body system support. IGF-1 and IGF-2, insulin-like growth factors, assist joint and muscular systems while supporting the development of lean muscle mass.

These growth factors also enhance athletic performance, maintain normal circulatory function, and aid the body’s normal immune response. Additionally, IGF-1 and IGF-2 enhance mental acuity by maintaining healthy nerve tissue and neuro-connectors, and can also aid proper metabolism, digestion, and weight management. Taken in the morning, our Professional Strength Growth Nutrient

Many experience enhanced feelings of virility and a healthy sex life with a sustained level of  vigor, vitality, libido and energy.  An additional benefit can be rich, relaxing sleep patterns and a feeling of general well being.

An Improvement in Hair Growth, Color & Quality. Hair often grows faster, thicker and darker in color along with an overall improved quality.  Nails seem to grow fast and strong.

  • Aids the Body in Maintaining Healthy Energy Levels

  • Supports Normal Immune System Function

  • Supports Body's Natural Inflammatory Response

  • Helps Maintain Healthy Cardiovascular Function

  • Promotes Normal Cholesterol Levels

  • Enhances Athletic Performance

  • Supports Healthy Sexual Function

  • Promotes Lean, Healthy Body

  • Aids the Body in Natural Weight Loss or Gain

  • Helps the Body in Healing Injuries 

  • Body Support To Strengthen After Surgery

  • Supports the Feelings of Vigor and Youth

  • Experience Enhanced Athletic Performance

  • Beautiful Lustrous Hair

  • Enjoy Enhanced Libido

  • Feel Healthy

  • Enjoy an Exhilarating Youthful Appearance

  • Supports Normal Circulation

  • Enhance Mental Acuityby Maintaining Healthy Nerve Tissue and Neuro-Connectors

  • Aid the Body’s Immune Response 

  • Scavenge and Neutralize Free Radicals

  • Assist Joint and Muscular Systems

  • Strong Cellular Support

  • Support the Development of Lean Muscle Mass 

  • Aids with Proper Metabolism

  • Assists with Digestion

  • Normal Metabolic Rate Supported

  • Supports Weight Loss Or Gain - Weight Management 

  • Support the Health of Your Muscles

  • Support the Cardiovascular System

  • Great Skin  

  • Nails Look and Grow Strong and Healthy

  • Support Strong Immune System

  • Enjoy Feelings of Boundless Energy

  • Rejuvenate Stronger and Faster after Physical Exertion

  • Enhanced Rest and Sleep Patterns; Wake Refreshed

  • Contains a Highly Bio-Available Natural Source of Calcium 

  • Helps Maintain Strong, Healthy Bones 

  • Over 20 Powerful Antioxidants 

  • Longevity at the Cellular Level

  • Reactivate the Scavenging Activity of Otherwise Used, Inert Antioxidant Molecules 

  • Elongates the Life Span of Other Antioxidant Molecules

  • 67 Important Minerals 

  • 17 Essential Vitamins 

  • 21 Amino Acids 

  • 3 Powerful Enzymes Aid the Body as it Converts Nutrients to Fuel

  • Helps all Body Bio-Systems Function at Normal Capacity for Your Optimal Health

Health benefits realized from these Longevity Supplements will become evident and increase over time.

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