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"Train your Spirit, Mind and Body to work as a ONE"

Discover the results of powerful new research providing effective and proven techniques for increasing your energy while cleansing your body of toxins helping YOU live a happier, healthier life !

Your health is the most valuable thing that you possess, wouldn't you like to protect it the best you can. The information contained on this site is so powerful that it will change the way you look at your health and could drastically affect the course of your life.

The only way that you can take control over the health of your body is to stay informed.

You will learn why certain ailments occur and what options you have for treatments. Our website contains links to detailed information including charts, graphs, and published studies about the functions of your body and what kinds of techniques and/or substances have positive effects and what kinds do not.

There is mind blowing research being done every day about the functions in our bodies and how to improve them.  However, health care is a multi-billion dollar industry that can not afford for you to know that most of the health problems that you suffer from have a natural, safe, and inexpensive treatment that could be even more effective than what they would administer in most cases.

If you suffer from chronic pain or a neurological condition...
Learn how Upper Cervical Care helps your body heal naturally.

Natural remedies have not become common knowledge for a number of different reasons.  One major reason is that in order for a company to make a personal health claim they are required to obtain FDA approval.  An FDA approval cost millions of dollars and many years to obtain.  Then, if the product can be produced naturally the company cannot obtain a patent.  Therefore if another company learns of the ingredients, they will be able to produce the same exact product without the high cost of research or FDA approval.

These new findings are occurring everyday but are then stopped when the cures lead to naturally produced substances.  The public does have access to these discoveries and many companies have made use of the healing properties of these natural products and self healing techniques.  The purpose of this website is to provide access to as much of this information as we can find and offer alternatives.

Please explore the site following the links below or if you have a specific condition you are looking to research use the search function to find pages containing specific information you are looking for.

30 Day Body Detox

Cleanse your Body of Unwanted Toxins.


Over 30 Pure Therapeutic Grade Single Species Essential Oils

Sports Nutrition Supplements

improve your athletic performance and muscle strength & fitness

Weight Loss Systems

Lose weight the natural healthy way using your body's own mechanisms

Parasite Colon Cleanse

Rid your body of unwanted parasites

Anti Aging System

5 powerful products in one system to help your body fight aging

Liquid Ionic Colloidal Minerals

Give your body the Essential and Trace Minerals needed healthy body functions

Natural Progesterone Cream

Fight Estrogen Dominance and Achieve Hormonal Balance with Wild Yam Extract

Authentic Hawaiian Noni Juice

Natural Herbal Healing Remedy from the Hawaiian Islands

Human Growth Hormone (hGH)

Discover the Natural Fountain of Youth and fight the aging process

Herbal Remedy Formulas

The highest quality natural medicine for your health, professionally formulated in therapeutic dosages by a leading clinical psychologist.

Cordyceps Sinensis Energy & Endurance

Increase your energy with this Natural Ancient Herbal Chinese Formula

Stop Snoring Today

All Natural, Healthy Ingredients

Melatonin Natural Sleep Aid

Brain and physical support nutrition

Natural Skin Care

Did you know there are Potentially Harmful Ingredients in Personal Care Products.  Discover how you can avoid these chemicals and improve your skin, naturally.

Wild Divine Project

A revolutionary new computer system that allows you to physically interact with with the actions onscreen using bio-feedback technology helping to synchronize body rhythms.
Body (Physical Health)
Mind (Mental Health)
Spirit (Spiritual Health)

Therapeutic Grade
Single Species Organic
Pure Essential Oils

30 Day Body Detox
Hormonal Balance
Liquid Ionic Colloidal Minerals
Hawaiian Noni Juice
Weight Loss

Biofeedback Training
Daily Mind/Body Practice
Journey to Wild Divine

Cordyceps "Chi" Energy Support
Parasite Colon Cleanse
Natural Sleep Aid

Sports & Athletic Fitness
Information with Natural
Nutritional Supplements

Stop Snoring Remedy
Anti Aging
Natural Skin Care
Sun Care

Therapeutic Grade
Herbal Remedies

   health and wellness nutritional information with natural supplements

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Body (Physical Health)
30 Day Body Detoxify
Parasite Colon Cleanse
Anti Aging Supplements
Weight Loss
Herbal Remedies
Athletic Sports Nutrition
Natural Skin Care
Cordyceps Sinensis
Hawaiian Noni Juice
Single Species Essential Oils
Melatonin Sleep Aid
Light & Sound Mind MachinesLiquid Ionic Colloidal Minerals

Mind (Mental Health)
Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy
Hormonal Balance
Light & Sound Mind Machines
Chords of Truth
Wild Divine Mind Expansion Software

Spirit (Spiritual Health)
Aromatherapy for Balance and Well Being Dream Analysis OBE's

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