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"The Hidden Epidemic: Parasites
Do You Know What's Crawling Inside You?"

Parasite Colon Cleansing & Body Purification

There is a massive epidemic that is sweeping the world right now. However, you are probably not aware of how serious this problem actually is. Doctors are seeing evidence everywhere about this serious threat to your health. 

Experts also claim that 92% of all people are infected with parasites that rob your body of good health.

By definition, parasites are an organism living in or on another living organism deriving its nutrients wholly or partly from it,  usually causing harm. 

Which means that parasites are actually free-loaders that live in your body and survive on the nutrients that are supposed to be going to your body and then they release toxic by-products damaging your system.

There is no part of your body that is not visited by a parasite of some kind during the course of your life.  

Most of the specialists in parasitology say that over 40% of the world's population is chronically infected by worms causing anything from blindness to serious intestinal problems.  

This means that there is not a part of your body that is immune. 

Everything, including your brain, your eyeballs, your heart, liver, and blood will be infected at some point in your lifetime and if you allow them to remain in your system they can grow and reproduce causing incredible long-term damage to your body.   

Many of the symptoms of parasitic infection include:

● Blindness 
● Headaches 
● Itchy ears, nose, anus 
● Men: sexual dysfunction 
● Bed wetting 
● Grinding teeth while asleep 
● Dry lips during the day 
● Damp lips at night 
● Blurry vision 
● Pain in the back, thighs, shoulders 
● Lethargy 
● Numb hands 
● Drooling while sleeping

● Pain in the navel 
● Heart pain 
● Fast heart beat 
● Yellowish face 
● Loss of appetite 
● Forgetfulness 
● Slow reflexes 
● Gas bloating 
● Unclear thinking 
● Burning sensation in the stomach
● Women: problems with menstrual cycle 
● Eating more than normal but still feeling hungry 

and this is just a few....

A parasite cleansing takes a few different steps in order to adequately purge your body of these unwanted parasites. 

The first step of a parasite cleansing, and the most important step, is you have to remove the plaque (or nourishment) out of your intestinal tract so that the parasites no  longer have a nesting ground and can not survive.  This is done with organic and inorganic fiber  supplements to actually clean out the chute.  Then you have to kill the parasites that are living in your body.  

There are about 30 different ingredients that are necessary to kill the parasites from  one end of your body to the other.  Then you have to rebuild your biosystems that have been depleted during the cleansing process.  This is done using a number of different enzymes, fatty  acids, minerals and vitamins to rebuild your biosystems.   There is a parasite cleansing system that has been designed that will rid your body of these terrible parasites. 

This system consists of a combination of 3 products:

1. 4 bottles of Parasite Cleanse, 60 ct.

Contains a unique blend of ingredients that assist the body in fight to eliminate potentially dangerous parasites.  Purge can potentially help your body create an environment these parasites find undesirable including Pumpkin Seed, Garlic, Black Walnut Bark, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Clove, Citrus Seed Extract, Ginger Root Wild, Slippery Elm Bark, Anise Seed, Papaya Leaf, Fig Powder, Artemesia Annua, Cranberry Concentrate, Pomegranate Fruit, Butternut Bark, Pau D' Arco, Red Clover, Olive Leaf, Ginseng American, Gentian Root, Hyssop, Crap Bark, Peppermint Powder, Fennel Seed.

2. 3 bottle's of a colon-cleansing fiber supplement called Colon Cleanse

It contains flax seed,  psyllium husk, slippery elm, and plant based fiber using many oil and water soluble fibers.  This system also contains 4 bottles of a broad-spectrum anti-parasite supplement that creates  an environment too hostile for invasive parasites.  Purge contains wormwood, cloves, and black  walnut along with 23 other natural substances that aid the body with parasitic cleansing. 

3. 2 bottle's of Liquid Colloidal Mineral Supplements

An organic submicroscopic micro-colloidal solution with a complete lineup of 67 essential and trace minerals, 17 essential vitamins, 21 amino acids, three  enzymes, and lactobacillus acidophilus along with ionized, polarized electrolytes and organic fulvic acids.

Parasite Colon Cleansing & Body Purification

4 Bottles - Parasite Cleanse

3 Bottles - Colon Cleanse

2 Bottles - Liquid Colloidal Mineral Supplements

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