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30 Day Total Body Detoxification System

"Naturally Cleanse your Colon, Detoxify your Intestinal system, Improve Digestion and Rebuild your Immune System"

Most car owners know that it is critical to keep their engines at top performance levels through regular maintenance.  This is especially important in environments that harbor pollutants, which corrode the engine and reduce its efficiency. 

Like an engine, the intestinal system of the human body requires maintenance for top performance.

If you have concerns about your intestinal health, or are simply seeking a better-functioning system.

30 Day Total Body Tune-Up is your vehicle for improved digestion and immune system performance.

Some cleanses may claim to promote intestinal health, but only 30 Day Total Body Tune-Up will provide you with a schedule to prepare, cleanse, replenish and maintain the digestive system for optimal health.

As the primary thoroughfare of ingested material, the gastrointestinal system is responsible for retaining beneficial and necessary nutrients, and expelling harmful by-products.  Many people, especially those whose diets are high in refined starches, fat, and cholesterol, have residual waste accumulate on the intestinal walls in the form of mucoid plaque.  This plaque blocks absorption of nutrients, not allowing for the proper nutritional support needed for the immune an digestive systems.

1. Detoxify your Body - Eliminate harmful toxins and bacteria from your body that block absorption of essential nutrients with Cleansing Tea and Colon Cleanse

2. Feed You Body - After detoxifying, replenish your body with Colloidal Mineral Supplements, Oral Chelation, Enzyme and Digestive Flora, in addition to other supplements that you can use.

3. Support the Preservation of Your Youth - supplements such as Antioxidants, HGH, and DHEA help maintain a properly nourishes body to promote youthfulness and longevity.

Determine Your Optimal Cleansing Program

It is especially important for those participating in a cleansing program to properly nourish and sustain their bodies throughout the cleanse.  The intestines must be soothed and not subjected to harsh laxatives.

Enhanced intestinal health requires a unique balance of cleansing and soothing herbs,  which may be found in Cleansing Tea's unique formula.  Replacing minerals and favorable bacteria lost to the cleanse is also critical to improved health. 

By following the program of suggested complementary products, you will successfully cleanse your system and allow it to run efficiently.

  • The most important part of a cleanse is to adequately hydrate yourself.  This will help to flush out toxins and avoid constipation.  The following formula will help you determine the appropriate amount of water to drink each day.  Take your body weight divide by two, add 50.  This will equal the amount of water you should consume daily.

Example: A 160 pound individual: 160 / 2 + 50 = 130 oz of water daily (Between 16-17 8-ounce glasses of water per day)

  • Some gas and cramping may result from using these products.  This is normal and may be alleviated by reducing doses of Colon Cleanse and Cleansing Tea

  • It is critical to consume adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins as suggested in the cleansing programs.  This helps to counter the purging effects of the Cleansing Tea.

  • This cleansing program should not be used in conjunction with any other colon cleansing program.

  • 30 Day Total Body Tune-Up cleansing program may be used every 4-6 months for optimal intestinal health.

This package includes Seven Powerful Supplements that will help cleanse your body in 30 Days.

30 Day Body Detox System

180 ct. bottle of Colon Cleanse
100 ct. bottle of Oral Chelation
60 ct. bottle of Enzyme
90 ct. bottle of Digestive Flora
2 17.9 fl oz bottle Liquid Ionic Colloidal Minerals
25 ct. box of Cleansing Tea

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