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"Learn how you can improve your Stamina and Endurance with the natural source for energy in Cordyceps Sinensis."

With today's emphasis on natural herbal supplements, this ancient formula has been rediscovered and scientifically reproduced with amazing results.

Scientists, working with one of China's leading herbal research facilities, took the ancient formula and blended it with other Chinese herbs achieving what is believed to be an even more effective formula.

Find out for yourself what Tibetan mountain herdsmen have regarded as the miracle agent that increases stamina and endurance. 

This exotic substance, known to the ancient Ming Dynasty as a Tibetan potion, was formulated to revitalize the "Chi" or life force of the body

You Could Feel Like a Champion in 30 Days

You May Not need to Compete in the World Games,
but wouldn't it be great to feel like you could?

Learn about the rediscovery of this ancient formula - one that has upset the world of sports. 

Find out how unranked athletes suddenly shattered dozens of world records in just one year.

To help you understand how powerful Cordyceps really is, I have compiled this table of articles explaining the capabilities of cordyceps sinensis.

There is a lot of information in the table below that I hope you will find useful.  The key to improving your personal health is to stay informed.

View Published Articles and Studies about Cordyceps

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Longevity and Endurance   

Cordyceps, the "miracle ingredient," the power within Cordyceps sinensis was discovered 1,500 years ago in the Tibetan mountain pastures.  Chinese herdsmen observed that their cattle and livestock became very energetic after eating a grass-like mushroom - even the older animals became vigorous and more youthful in their actions.   

Chinese practitioners were soon making up powerful potions of this substance for many of life's maladies.  About 1,000 years later, the Emperor's physicians in the Ming Dynasty learned about this Tibetan wonder and used this knowledge with their own wisdom to develop powerful and potent uses of this wonder substance known as Cordyceps.  

Not too long ago Chinese sports teams while working with Chinese scientists came across Cordyceps.  They had been looking for performance-enhancing dietary supplements for their teams.   

What the herbalists found was one of nature's most incredible secrets. A secret of energy enhancement so incredible, it led Track & Field News to say: "They (the Chinese) appear to have come up with the greatest quantum leap in human performance in history."  It may be virtually impossible for most top athletes to compete in any sporting event with those athletes who are using this earth-shaking discovery. 

Many athletes feel the old playing field is gone forever while experts are saying the supplement has set athletics in other countries back 25 years.  Serious athletes are saying it is better to eat this potent supplement than to eat the dust of their competitors.

World Record-Breaking Results!
Using the Chinese Formula with Cordyceps 

1993 World Games, Stuttgart, Germany and 1993 National Games, Beijing, China:

Six Chinese women break world records 17 times, utterly smashing nine of them. Reporters wrote, "They (Chinese women) looked as fresh as if they had been sipping jasmine tea," after running races and breaking world records "with both speed and stamina that have never coexisted in one female body. 

Until now." Not one of these women was ranked in the top 10 in any event before these meets.  These beginning athletes in track and field events had achieved superhuman results and status almost overnight.

These athletes:

● Shattered the 10,000 meter world record by 42 seconds
● Broke the 3,000 meter world record by 10 seconds
● Beat the 1,500 meter world record by two seconds
● Five Chinese runners broke an "unbeatable" world record in the same race, and one runner was only 17 years old.

1994 World Championships, Rome, Italy: Chinese women win 12 of 16 events and break five world records.

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