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Reverse the Aging Process and Be Young Again
with (HGH) Human Growth Hormone

"Discover the Natural Fountain of Youth, scientists have discovered the hormone that controls aging and it is accessible to you."

Help your body feel youthful again by providing it with the powerful ingredients contained in Human Growth Hormone, a growth nutrient supplement straight from nature's laboratory.

Human Growth Hormone is a premier longevity formula that combines traditional Chinese medicine (lurong extract and Ginkgo biloba) with colostrum and ascorbic acid to enhance health and vitality in the aging adult. 

By supporting the body's own natural production of growth nutrients, Human Growth Hormone can help you maintain vigor, energy, and youthful enthusiasm.

Supplementation with Human Growth Hormone provides a natural source of essential growth nutrients to assist the body's ability to withstand some of the harsh effects of aging. 

With age, the body's supply of growth nutrients decreases - without this nutrition, skin can lose its elasticity and develop wrinkles and sags.  Muscle mass may be lost, which decreases metabolism and causes weight gain.  

Bones degenerate, memory function declines, visual acuity decreases, and auditory capacity diminishes.  Joints lose their mobility and movement becomes difficult.  Declining hormones and reduced vitality are perhaps the most detrimental aspects of aging.  Take Human Growth Hormone to promote longevity and enjoy an increased quality of life.

Possible Benefits of Human Growth Hormone include:

● Increase in lean tissue and muscle mass without exercise
● Lowered blood pressure
● Decrease in body fat without diet
● Elimination of cellulite
● Hair growth, more youthful color
● Improved sexual performance
● Increased memory
● Stronger immune system
● Skin wrinkles diminish
● Thicker, more elastic skin
● Better sleep
● Improved vision
● Improved performance of body's organs and glands
● Improvement in cholesterol profiles
● Stronger bones


  • Aids the body's overall health and supports against the effects of aging

  • Provides growth nutrients to maintain cellular health

  • Maintains cardiovascular function and already normal blood pressure

  • Assists the body's natural immune response

  • Enhances athletic performance and muscular endurance by supporting oxygen transportation in the bloodstream

  • Supports the function of the reproductive system by supplementing the body with the nutrients it needs to synthesize essential hormones that often decline with age

  • Enhances mental acuity

  • Supports healthy weight management

  • Enhances sexual potency and feelings of intimacy

  • A 30-year-old can use Human Growth Hormone to support youth and promote anti-aging

  • A 50 year-old can use bio to support against the signs of aging that may already be apparent

  • Use of Human Growth Hormone over the course of three to six months will promote feelings of vigor and youth as well as maintain longevity

  • This is not intended for individuals under the age of 20

Nutritional Benefits

Human Growth Hormone contains lurong extract, or antler velvet obtained from deer.  Deer are an ancient Chinese symbol of longevity.  The medicinal use of deer antler velvet was first discovered in China and then rediscovered in Russia in the 1400s.  Animals are not harmed in the extraction process of antler velvet.   Deer shed their antlers each winter and grow them once again in the spring.  

The velvet of deer that initiates antler growth is cartilaginous tissue composed of all free amino acids, peptides, proteins, chondrocytes, glucosamines, glycosamino-glycans, chondroitin sulfate A, prostaglandins, Mucopolysaccharides, fibroblasts, osteocytes, erythropoetin, hemopoietin, phosphatidyl choline, lysophosphatatidyl choline, phosphatidyl ethanoamines, sphinogomyelin, gangliosides, and other cells.  

It contains the essential minerals: calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, magnesium, sodium, potassium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron selenium, and cobalt.  These biologically active constituents function as a powerful weapon in the fight against aging.

Human Growth Hormone contains bovine colostrum, which is the first source of antibodies and growth nutrients in the exact form required by the human body.  Bovine colostrum is an excellent anti-aging supplement.  Convenient and less expensive, Human Growth Hormone is a natural liquid formula that is utilized readily and is not attacked by the digestive system. 


Every 11 months, the human body renews 98 percent of its cells.  This cellular renewal means that we are, in effect, "born again", every 11 months.  

Dr. Ronald Klatz, M.D., founder and president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine says,   "You're going to reach a stage of adulthood of about age 45 and stay there for another 50 to 60 years.  This is the new technology, the next paradigm of health care." 

"We can not only slow the aging process with hGH, but reverse it and turn back the clock 10 to 20 years!" "hGH has been available in the medical world for years.  It's incredibly safe and incredibly powerful at the same time." "The 'Foundation of Youth' lies within the cells of each of us.  All you need to do is release it."  

To help you understand how powerful the Human Growth Hormone really is below is a table of articles explaining the capabilities of HGH. 

There is a lot of information in the table below that I hope you will find useful.  The key to improving your personal health is to stay informed.

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Only recently has the hGH become available through a patented oral spray delivery system in a product called Human Growth Hormone.   

It is in-expensive, easy-to-use, pain-free, and has no ill side-effects when administered according to the recommendations.  

Human Growth Hormone is an important element in the quest for feeling young again.   It is not a precursor or a stimulant, homeopathic, or secretagogue. 

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Human Growth Hormone has the potential to make you feel like you are young again.  The most important thing that everyone of us has is our personal health.  

If you knew that there was a way to feel young for the rest of your life, for example someone discovered the "fountain of youth," you would probably do anything you could to get a hold of it wouldn't you. 

Well experts seriously believe that they have discovered a hormone that reverses the aging process.   I'm not really sure what the "fountain of youth" is supposed to actually do to you, but I'm sure it is supposed to be something like that.

Human Growth Hormone has the potential to act as a "fountain of youth," because it assists your bodies production of the hormones that experts claim controls aging.

Vital HGH, 1 fl Oz

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