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"Learn how YOU can assist your body with its fight against disease and protect your body from 'free radicals' with Natural Antioxidants"

There is a 400 hundred year old discovery that is crucial in the fight against a destructive molecule known as the "free radical" and its role in disease. 

Our body's produce a certain level of antioxidants, but over time our body's production of antioxidants starts to decline which leaves the cells in your body susceptible to serious damage.  

Your body is a collection of different types of cells working both individually and collectively as organs, each assigned to do specific functions for the benefit of the body.  In order for these cells to function properly each cell must be protected from damage as much as possible. 

Antioxidants help protect your cells from damage.  If your cells are doing their best then your organs will function properly as well,  thereby slowing the deterioration of your organs and allowing your body to last longer.  

Even though aging is ultimately inevitable it is important for you to realize that certain diseases like strokes, heart attacks, cataracts, cancer, senility and other ailments should not be considered part of the normal process of aging.  Medical research has provided extensive evidence that these diseases are mainly caused by a breakdown in your body's key defense systems that protect the body from the ravages of free radicals. 

A free radical is an atom or group of atoms that contain at least one unpaired electron. If an electron is unpaired then another atom or molecule can easily bond to it causing a chemical reaction.  These molecules have become damaged during normal bodily function, known as oxidation, and as a result of environmental pollutants.  Free radicals then trigger a chain of free radical reactions possibly creating a wide range of trauma to the cells in your body.  However, Antioxidants attack and neutralize these free radicals to stop further cell damage and they protect our bodies from the diseases caused by free radicals. 

The potential benefits of increasing your intake of  antioxidants are:

● Facilitates thyroid hormone action
● Natural anti-depressant
● Natural diuretic
● Normalizes blood sugar levels
● Restores proper cell oxygen levels
● Restores libido
● Normalizes Zinc and Copper levels
● Normalizes blood clotting
● Protects against breast Fibrocysts
● Helps prevent breast cancer
● Helps prevent Endometrial Cancer
● Necessary for survival of the Embryo
● Maintains Secretory Endometrium
● Stimulates Osteoblasts for Osteoporosis reversal
● Precursor for Cortisone Production to relieve Arthritis

Below is a table of articles explaining the importance of antioxidants to your personal health.  There is a lot of information in the table below that I hope you will find useful.  The key to improving your personal health is to stay informed.

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and its effects on Free Radicals!

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Research has shown increasing effectiveness associated with combinations of both oil- and water- soluble antioxidants.  Natural Antioxidant is formulated with pharmaceutical grades of white pine bark, grape seed extract, esterfied vitamin C, beta carotene, and circumin extract, which makes Natural Antioxidant outstandingly pure and potent.  

This product has been designed to be the most bioavailable form of antioxidant that has been developed and is an extremely effective free radical scavenger.  

Natural Antioxidant has been additionally fortified with ginko biloba and natural vitamin E to assist in the body's absorption of these proven antioxidants.  Natural Antioxidant has been designed to be the most bioavailable form of antioxidants that has been developed, which makes it an extremely effective free radicals scavenger.

Natural Antioxidant

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