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"DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) One of the most abundant and important hormones produced
by the endocrine system."

For men and women concerned with improving the support of the body's age-related changes, DHEA Formula can help you feel like you have reset your biological time clock.

OXO-7 supplementation supports your biological age indicators and the health of your muscles, cardiovascular system, and immune system. DHEA Formula also supports enhanced libido and regular metabolic rates.

DHEA Formula Supplement's powerful nutritional formula supplements your body's diminishing levels of DHEA with OXO-7 DHEA analog. OXO-7 analog is the chemical equivalent of metabolized DHEA. In this metabolized state, OXO-7 can be potentially more effective than DHEA. The brain reads OXO-7 metabolized DHEA levels to help determine the body's biological age.

For example, a 40-year old's brain "realizes" that the body has aged forty years because the OXO-7 levels, along with other chemical indicators, "tells" it so. In essence, OXO-7 serves as a longevity communication beacon at the cellular level, signaling vital longevity information to the brain. Dietary supplementation of OXO-7 can yield amazing results, helping support the body in potentially attaining the OXO-7 levels of a 20-year-old.

The OXO-7 in DHEA Formula also promotes healthy muscle mass, normal immune system function, and cardio-vascular health. It also contributes to healthy metabolic rates and enhanced feelings of libido. In this way, Youth helps support overall health and well-being while enhancing spry, youthful feelings.

When used by men and women concerned with their health as they mature in years, Youth addresses the aging body's loss of spunk and its vulnerability to age-related changes.
You can enjoy a healthier lifestyle, enhance your body's diminishing supply of OXO-7 with DHEA Formula, and spring into your mature years with vigorous feelings of youth.

Key Ingredients

Calcium (as carbonate)

Proprietary Blend:

● DHEA (Oxo-7™ DHEA analogue)
● Alginates
● Oxo-7™ DHEA

● Magnesium Stearate
● Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
● Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
● Alfalfa Extract
● Maltodextrin
● Croscarmellose Sodium
● Silica

Potential Benefits Of DHEA,

Shown In Over 2,500 Published Papers Documenting DHEA's Multiple Benefits

  • DHEA has been shown in studies to increase IGF-1 Insulin Growth Factor 1 levels

  • Decrease the catabolic (tissue breakdown) hormone cortisol

  • Enhance immune function

  • Protect the circulatory system

  • Life-extending properties

  • Improve the quality of life over a longer period

  • Postpone some of the unpleasant effects of aging

  • DHEA may serve as a brain-boosting "smart drug"

  • Better sleep 

  • Increased libido

  • More energy

  • Better equipped to handle stress

DHEA Formula

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