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"Cleansing Tea - Colon Cleansing formula
for supporting digestive health along with
removing toxins and waste from your body"

Colon cleansing, while not a pleasant topic to address, is a subject that cannot be overlooked in the quest for extended youth, weight loss, and total health.

Cleansing Tea is a safe, natural, and powerful means of promoting the healthy elimination of potentially harmful toxins and waste while opening the pathway to superior assimilation of important nutrients.

Cleansing Tea promotes the health and longevity of many organs, systems, glands, and processes related to your digestive system.

Though you might have a regular bowel movement on a daily basis, chances are your body is still suffering from constipation.  The most common form of constipation is also the most worry-some and the least recognized.  During the digestive process, moisture is extracted from consume materials. 

As a result, the matter becomes gluey, and coats the walls and fills the pockets of the colon and intestines.  This medium becomes stagnant and hard, and is no longer able to pass through the multiple sections of the digestive tract. 

Layer upon layer of this rubbery substance begins to block the walls of the colon and small intestine, preventing your body from absorbing the nutrients you need.  These stagnant layers, usually black in color, are potentially dangerous and are referred to by doctors as "mucoid plaque."

The average individual is carrying between 7 and 25 pounds of old, hardened waste within his digestive system.  Worse still, this vile matter quickly begins to rot, creating foul odors, and gases.  This cesspool of decomposing material permits an immense number of bacteria to thrive within the human body. 

During the decaying process, these substances can enter the bloodstream and affect every part of the body.  Unfortunately, the average individual does not commonly recognize the effects of constipation and mucoid plaque.

Ask any gastroenterologist about this plaque and you will likely learn that the root of a great number of health concerns stem from intestinal plaque.  Colon dysfunction and mucoid plaque can contribute innumerable health problems including stomach pain, fatigue and sluggishness, lack of concentration, poor nutrition, low immunity, skin blemishes and problems, bloating, flatulence, and much more.

Key Ingredients

Many cleansing formulas can actually weaken your bowels by doing all the work for them.  The ingeniously synergistic Cleansing Tea actually assists in the strengthening and toning of the bowels as it cleanses.  The most effective herbs were included in this formula. 

You will feel the cathartic effects of our special combination of herbs, which together form a fast-acting formula that will support the overall health and well being of bowels and body.

Rhamnus purshiana bark

  • The prime ingredient.  Its tonic effects help permanently strengthen the lower bowels, especially after long-term use.  In fact, rhamnus purshiana is known as one of the safest and most effective herbs of its nature ever discovered, producing soft and painless evacuations.

Cassia senna leaf

  • In synergistic combination with several of the tonics in Cleansing Tea, has a powerful impact on almost the entire intestinal tract, especially the colon and lower bowel.  It works locally on the intestinal wall to produce peristaltic movement and beneficial intestinal secretions.

Rhamnus frangula bark's

  • diglycosides assist with cathartic action on the large intestine.  It performs in a manner similar to Rhamnus purshiana.

Berberis vulgaris bark

  • a famous Indian remedy, is a terrific tonic strengthener of the peristaltic muscles.  It regulates the digestive system, speeds sluggish intestinal action, and helps the liver and spleen to function properly.

Zingiber officinalis root

  • has a tremendous cascading benefits in combination with rheum palmatum.  While serving as a mild laxative, this talented plant is also an herbal carrier that ameliorates the effects of herbs for the lower abdominal and colon areas.

Rheum palmatum root

  • is held in high esteem as a stimulant, toner, and cleanser of the intestinal area.  Rheum palmatum promotes the action of the liver and flow of bile without astringent effects on the intestines.

Stevia rebaudiana 

  • possesses diuretic ability and provides several other benfits, especially regarding the heart.

Mentha piperita leaf

  • stimulates circulation while also acting as a mild sedative, digestive aid, tonic, and flavoring agent.  It bolsters your body's efforts to strengthen nerves and heart muscles.

Chamaemelum nobile

  • provides support for the digestive, gastrointestinal, and liver systems.

Lobelia inflata

  • an extremely safe herb, has a notable synergistic effect in combination with cayenne and peppermint.  Lobelia inflata has numerous uses, including the capacity to assist in the mitigation of digestive disturbances.  Lobelia inflata also deserves mention as an incredible adaptogen and "thinking" herb that targets problem areas in the body.

Hydrastis canadensis root

  • is a potent tonic for the gastrointestinal system and promotes assimilation.

Rubus idaeus leaf

  • soothes and tones the stomach and bowels

Foeniculum vulgaris seed

  • yields amazing benefits in combination with other ingredients in the Cleansing formulation.  This herb works as a soothing aid.

Capsicum frutescens

  • aids in assimilation, elimination, peristaltic motion, circulatory system function, and the formation of tissue in the stomach.

Nutritional Facts

  • What you assimilate minus what you eliminate equals what you are.

  • Mucoid plaque inhibits your body's absorption of vital minerals, beneficial elements, and vitamins from your food and nutritional products.

  • The average person consuming a Western diet holds eight full meals of undigested food and waste matter within the digestive system.

  • Each day your body's cells are poisoned by the toxins you allow your own body to produce. 

  • Long ago, your body began to accumulate mucoid plaque - as much as 25 pounds of fetid, stagnating materal.

25ct Colon Cleansing Tea

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