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"Natural Progesterone Cream Testimonials"

These testimonials are from customers that have used Natural Progesterone Cream.  However, results vary for each person. This is just a few examples of how Natural Progesterone Cream has improved the life of someone just like you.

I use the Natural Progesterone Cream to regulate my anxiety and mood swing levels.  Before using the Natural Progesterone Cream, I used to get really irritable and moody before the start of my periods, but since using the Natural Progesterone Cream the premenstrual irritability and moodiness has subsided considerable and I'm much easier to live with.  I am also sleeping better overall.  The Natural Progesterone Cream has relieved menstrual cramping as well

Eight years ago, before I knew any better, I agreed to go on Hormone Replacement Therapy to relieve menopausal hot flashes! For the following four years I took Premarin every day! Then, in an attempt to do the right thing and save my liver some work, I switched to Estroderm patches and continued on this therapy until February 1997, when I learned facts of the subject and discovered natural progesterone cream!

Immediately I began to use the cream and was well pleased for six weeks when to my shock horror I had major melt down! Only t-h-e-n did I learned I should not have gone cold turkey with my patches, that it should have been a gradual weaning from the therapy while introducing the progesterone cream. I had realized earlier that I could go for a week or so without the patches with no ill effects but little did I realize it takes a number of weeks for body to be free of the synthetic estrogen - for me it was six weeks!

On the second attempt I did it differently! My normal dosage was to change patches every 3½ so I just increased the distance between patches by one day every time I changed them until I was well beyond their control! At the same time I was using very small amounts of the progesterone cream. Finally, with NO return of )wt flashes I was completely free of synthetic estrogen and on the progesterone cream totally.

In the beginning I started with a lovely cream from a supplier in Mississippi that had a wonderful fragrance! Well, that fragrance got old in a hurry so I switched to sampling the various brands at the local health food store with varying degrees of satisfaction. These products ranged from ineffective to satisfactory and from pleasant to use to ridiculous! The ridiculous one was a gel that never absorbed! When I put it on the upper inner arm and turned to look behind me when reversing the car, my arm stuck to the back of the car seat!! I won’t go into what else I stuck to here just suffice it to say it was not a pleasant experience! I had zeroed in on one when I was introduced to Natural Progesterone Cream! What a difference!!!!!! All the others relieved the hot flashes but left me with waves of heat a couple of times a day! It is also interesting (after the fact) that I found every one of them to contain at least one ingredient that I have now come to understand is harmful to use! Natural Progesterone Cream is like drinking a good, cool, glass of water! It just takes care of business and doesn’t leave any excess baggage hanging around!

Interestingly enough, my trips to the chiropractor for neck and/or sciatic adjustments have ceased since I began using Natural Progesterone Cream! This therapy was required regularly from 2-3 times a month to at least every six weeks to keep me in line! I have not needed an adjustment since February 1998, and that was only for my neck!

it is wonderful to finally understand what my body needs regarding estrogen/progesterone! As well, it is a relief to be able to use the progesterone in cream form and at a reasonable price. I had had breast surgery 28 years ago for pre-malignant disease - - long before knowing about natural progesterone. Had I known then what I know now I would probably still have all my breast tissue! However, I look forward to a healthier heart, skin, skeleton and many other benefits the use of Natural Progesterone Cream will bring and only wish everyone could know the secrets of Natural Progesterone Cream!

Martha Ann Gray
August 1998

I am 23. My hormones are always doing there own thing. When I was 19 Wild yam cream made me feel fantastic! My periods were regular, my mind awoke and it cleared up all the warts on my body... This was also immediate change within DAYS. I was lucky to find this at a young age and will use it till I die. I recommend it for any woman. No need for the tape I am well aware of the Cream/plant.
Just a FYI thank-you, Dee

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