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"Table 1 - Elements of the Human Body"

Researchers have discovered that trace and essential minerals are needed to properly maintain our biosystems and are a critical requirement for long healthy life.

Every day of your life your body needs 60 minerals, 15 vitamins

Element % of Body  Functional Significance
Oxygen 65.0 A major contributor to both organic and inorganic molecules; as a gas it is necessary for the production of cellular energy
Carbon 18.5 The main component of all organic molecules, i.e.. carbohy-drates, lipids. protests. and nucleic acids
Hydrogen 10.0 Another component of all organic molecules; in its ionic form it is influential on the pH of body fluids
Nitrogen 3.0 An important structural component of all genetic material (nucleic acids)
Calcium 1.2 A building block of bones and teeth; its ionic form is essential in muscle contraction, impulse conduction in nerves, and blood clotting.
Phosphorus 1.0 Joins calcium to contribute to bone crystalline structure; present in nucleic acids and ATP
Potassium 0.4 Its ionic form is the major cation (positive ions) in cells; necessary for conduction of nerve impulses and muscle contraction
Sulfur 0.3 Important component of muscle proteins
Sodium 0.2 Ionic form is the major positive ion found outside the cell, necessary for water balance, muscle contraction. and impulse conduction
Chlorine  0.2 In ionic form is the most abundant anion (negative ion) outside the  cell 
Magnesium 0.1 Found in bone and plays an important assisting role in many  metabolic reactions 
Iodine  0.1 Required in thyroid hormones which are the bodies main  metabolic hormones 
Iron 0.1 Basic building block of the hemoglobin molecule which is major  transporter of oxygen in body 

The following elements are referred to as trace elements because they are required in very minute amounts. They are, however, important elements found as part of enzymes or are required for enzyme activation.

Chromium  Promotes glucose metabolism; helps regulate blood sugar 
Cobalt Promotes normal red-blood cell formation 
Copper  Promotes normal red-blood cell formation; acts as a catalyst in storage and release of iron to form hemoglobin; promotes  
connective tissue formation and central nervous system function 
Fluorine  Prevents dental caries 
Manganese  Promotes normal growth and development; promotes cell function; helps many body enzymes generate energy 
Molybdenum  Promotes normal growth and development and cell function
Selenium  Complements vitamin E to act as an efficient anti-oxidant
Vanadium  Plays role in metabolism of bones and teeth
Zinc Maintains normal taste and smell; aids wound healing; helps  
synthesize DNA and RNA

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