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"Enzymes - Naturally improve your digestive system health by efficiently absorbing the nutrients you consume daily with this Digestion enzymatic blend."

This blend of natural enzymes was formulated to maintain a healthy digestive systems.  These natural enzymes are not available in sufficient quantities in most cooked foods.

This supplemental blend of digestive enzymes will assist in delivering the most nutrients from your daily diet.

The food that you eat must be broken down into small chemicals that can be absorbed into the blood stream from the digestive tract.  Once in the bloodstream, these nutritional chemical building blocks are reassembled as needed to create human cells and tissues. 

Therefore, in a modified way, you are what you eat.  This unique blend will assist in digesting your daily diet of proteins (e.g., meat, fish, nuts, dairy products), carbohydrates (pasta, sweets, fruits, vegetables), and fats (oils, animal fat, chocolate, nuts).

Key Ingredients

Papain (from Carica papaya)

  • natural protease enzymes to digest protein

  • natural protein enzymes isolated from papaya

  • assists digestive system, especially with a  protein-rich diet

  • has broad enzymatic activity to digest proteins and polypeptides to more easily absorbed small peptide

Bromelain (from Ananas comosus)

  • natural protease enzymes and nonproteolytic enzymes isolated from pineapple stem

  • promotes digestion and nutritional absorption

  • has broad enzymatic activity to digest proteins and polypeptides to more easily absorbed small peptides

  • contains sulfhydryl proteolytic enzymes

  • contains nonproteolytic enzymes: phosphatase, peroxidase, cellulase

Malt Diastase

  • Diastase assists in digesting starch and dextrin into sugar

  • enzyme used to digest malt carbohydrate into sugar as part of beer fermentation


  • breaks down plant wall fiber

  • not found naturally in human digestive system - must be supplemented

  • supports the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables

  • a gut wall transporter - enhances digestive system

  • frees soluble fiber to bind excess cholesterol and toxins


  • a carbohydrase

  • assists in degesting maltose and other oligomers of glucose into glucose


  • also known as sucrase

  • supports by digesting sucrose (refined table sugar) into glucose and fructose

  • invertase is bound to mucosal cells lining the small intestine


  • aids in digesting proteins

  • can add in catabolizing undigested proteins in blood stream

  • assists in unmasking foreign organisms encapsulated with protein shell - assisting immune system

  • not recommended for those with ulcers or sensitive intestinal systems

  • naturally found in kidney beans, mushrooms, soybeans, and wheat


  • helps digest carbohydrates and starch

  • helps digest amylose and amylopectin into maltose and dextins, respectively

  • natural antihistiamine

  • naturally found in bananas, cabbage, corn, eggs, mushrooms, honey, rice, and wheat


  • helps digest fats and oils

  • can add to overall fat digestive process - assisting in weight management


  • Dsupports in digesting lactose (disaccharide) into galactose and glucose

  • is bound to mucosal cells lining the small intestine

  • helps digest cheeeses, milk, yogurts, dairy drinks, ice cream, and foods made with milk


  • Dhelps hydrolytically remove phosphoryl groups

  • many biochemicals are phosphorylated

  • dephosphorylation are key processes in energy storage and utilization

  • coordinated glycogen synthesis and breakdown (energy conversion)

  • phosphorylated biochemicals do not tend to cross the phospholipid membrane - thus retaining key biochemicals within the cell

Ginger Rhizome (Zingiber officinale)

  • minimizes flatulence (carminative effect)

  • spasmolytic effect relieves gastointestinal spasms

Fennel Seed (Focniculi fructus)

  • Dpromotes gastrointestinal mobility

  • historically used as a stomaich (stimulates stomach secretions)

  • minimizes flatulence (carminative effect)

Turmeric (curcuma longa)

  • Dalso known as Curcuma and Indian saffron

  • perennial herb of ginger family, cultivated in India, China, Indonesia and other tropical countries

  • major ingredient of curry powder

  • the broad antioxidant properties of curcuminoids classifies turmeric as a bioprotectant

  • do not take Curcuma longa if pregnant

aCapsicum (Capsicum annuum)

  • Dripe fruit known as cayenne or chile pepper

  • contains capsaicin, which supports the circulatory system

  • enhances blood flow to support the uptake of nutrients from the digestive tract


Potential Benefits:

  • Helps digest a wide variety of processed foods

  • Balanced enzyme formula covers the widest range of food consumption

  • Natural herbs calm and harmonize the stomach and intestinal tract

  • Digested foods are more efficiently broken down into biochemicals for absorption into the bloodstream

  • Assists efficiency of nutrient absorption that supports energy and contributes to feelings of recovery from exercise and work

  • More efficient digestion provides the nutrients for maintaining healthy cells and organs

Nutritional Facts

  • Our daily foods contain their own correct concentration and balance of enzymes

  • Enzymes in uncooked foods include peroxidase, amylase,maltase, sucrase, lipase, catalase, phospahates, peptidase, cathepsin, glycogenase, invertase, urease, dehydrogenase

  • As fruits and vegetables overripen, food enzymes break down the complex carbohydrates

  • As meat spoils, food enzymes breakdown the complex proteins and fats

  • When foods are cooked (above 140F), the inherent food enzymes are destroyed or deactivated - the enzymes needed to digest that particular food

  • Cold temperatures and even freezing do not harm enzyme activity

  • Enzymes break down carbohydrates, fats, and sugars that would otherwise be undigested

  • Enzymes act as catalysts to speed the breakdown of foods

  • Enzymes have specific actions - each works with a specific dietary molecule (carbohydrate, fat, protein, sugar, amino acid)

  • The pancreas is the biggest factory of digestive enzymes

  • As we age, our bodies decrease the supply of enzymes they once produced

  • In order for the body to function correctly, it must be supplied with the proper balance of enzymes

  • Supplemental enzymes are capable of digesting more than a million times their weight in cooked food

  • Enzymes are as vital to the body's youth and vitality as are vitamins and minerals

  • While it is true that our bodies can produce digestive enzymes, when we eat cooked or processed foods that contain no enzymes, our bodies have to manufacture a higher quantity of digestive enzymes.  This causes a corresponding decrease in metabolic enzyme potential

  • Over time, a constant depletion of enzymes can affect the body's ability to maintain optimum organ function, and can lead to degenerative processes

  • The primary reason to take supplemental food digestive enzymes today is to help replace those that were lost or destroyed in some manner.  Enzymes are extremely fragile, and any processing destroys them at some rate

Digestive Enzymes

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