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"Reverses Numerous Effects of Aging, Repairs Tissue, Burns Fat, Adds Muscle, Strengthens the Immune System"

The word “hormone” comes from the Greek term that means “to set in motion.” Human Growth Hormonee (HGH) sets growth in motion throughout life. Every organ system is significantly effected by HGH directly, or indirectly through intermediaryinsulin-like growth factors (IGF) and associated binding proteins. HGH (also called somatotropin) is a protein-like hormone (peptide) produced in the pituitary.

a pea-size gland in the center of the brain. Transported by the blood throughout the body, circulatory HGH has a half-life of approx. 9 minutes, [1] In the liver, HGH stimulates production of IGF-I (also called somatomedin-C) and other growth factors. IGF and other HGH metabolites may prove to be more clinically significant than HGH in the hormonal cascade.

HGH was discovered in the 1920s and first isolated in 1956. In 1958, an endocrinologist at the New England Medical Center first injected the hormone in a growth-stunted child, and the child soon began to grow. Thousands of growth-stunted children with HGH-deficiency were treated in the decades that followed, using HGH derived from the pituitary glands of human cadavers.

Treatment of HGH-deficient children ceased in the 1980s because biological contamination caused a few of the children tragically to become infected with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). known today as “mad cow” disease in England. [2] Researchers turned their attention to creating a safe form of HGH using then-emerging recombinant-DNA techniques.

In 1985, the first bioengineered growth hormone, called “Protropin,” was produced at Genentech in California. In 1986, researchers at Eli Lilly in Indiana successfully created “Humatrop,” the first lab-made human growth hormone that is 100% identical to nature’s HGH: a single chain of 191 amino acids. Both companies share recombinant-HGH patent rights.

In a paper published by the Journal of American Geriatrics Society in 1985, endocrinologist Daniel Rudman from Madison, Wisconsin first proposed that the safe new form of HGH could be used to reverse aging in HGH-deficient individuals. Since then, numerous HGH studies have been conducted. By repeatedly having passed controlled, randomized. double-blind studies, HGH has been proven to prevent or reverse aging’s effects. [3]


R.DA.. Minimal Requirements. The US. Government has not established a Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for any hormones or hormone releasers. HGH and IGF-1 are only available by prescription.

Unique Needs, HGH replacement therapy may be advisable for individuals who are HGH deficient, as determined by blood tests. Although HGH levels drop dramatically with age, serum IGF shifts are more subtle and testable.

Signs of Deficiency. In children, HGH deficiency is associated with stunted growth as a result of inhibited skeletal development. In adults, the signs of HGH deficiency are believed by some researchers to include far-ranging conditions and diseases such as aging, fatigue, senility, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, organ atrophy, increased body fat, increased waist-to-hip ratio of fat distribution, decreased lean mass, undesirable cholesterol profiles, increased craving for sweets, high blood pressure, reduced muscle bulk, reduced renal plasma flow, reduced anaerobic threshold, reduced exercise capacity, skin discoloration, hair toss and graying, etc. Food Sources.

If HGH is consumed orally, the very large protein molecules break
down in the digestive tract before absorption is possible. However, HGH production in the body can be stimulated by oral administration of HGH precursor Growth Hormone Releasing Agents (GHRA) and IGF-1 simulators: combinations of the amino acids arginine (2-5 g daily) P ornithine (2-5 g), lysine (i-2 g)‘ and glutamine(2 g). [3] These amino acids, when taken in the correct combination, preferably on an empty stomach and just before bedtime, are reported to produce a significant increase in the circulating HGH. In addition, 2 g daily gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an amino acid essential for proper brain function, has been shown to increase the HGH in circulation. [4j All these supplements should be cycled to allow natural production of HGH to continue, but cycling recommendations (as well as suggested daily do sages) vary considerably within the community of scientists and nutrition experts!


HGH injection therapy requires a prescription and involves daily shots that can be self-administered, The cost of the injections is approximately $1,OOO per month. Prior to treatment, the patient’s blood levels of somatomedin-C are measured. Lower levels can be predictive of more rapid and noticeable improvements as a result of therapy over the course of 6-38 months.

injections are administered in cycles of six days per week for several months, then a month without injections, to promote the body’s capacity for producing its own HGH. HGH releasers are widely available without prescription, including arginine, ornithine, and other amino acids taken orally as supplements. These releasers are considered by some researchers to be less effective than HGH injections, but the cost for the oral supplements is approximately 10 percent the cost of the injection programs.

Fasting and regular vigorous exercise such as weight-training have been shown to naturally increase the circulating levels of HGH. [3, 5] Recent studies have shown that HGH production can be stimulated by sleep or by sleep deprivation. HGH is produced in bursts by the pituitary during the early hours of deepest sleep- [3] 

Why People Take It

Anti-Aging. HGH therapy reverses many of the signs of aging and restores youthful vigor and drive. Reported therapy results include heightened sexuality, younger skin, wrinkle removal, sharper vision, enhanced memory, mood elevation, higher energy level, greater capacity for exercise, and improved sleep. HGH therapy has been shown to result in lowered blood pressure, improved cholesterol profiles, greater cardiac capacity, rejuvenation of vital organs that shrink with age, stronger bones, elimination of cellulite, and faster healing of injuries. [3, 6]

Weight Loss. Studies have shown 14.4 percent loss of body fat on average after six months of HGH therapy, without dieting. [ 3, 5, 7, 8 ]

Body Building. Studies have shown 8.8 percent increase in muscle mass on average after six months of HGH therapy, without exercise. [ 3, 5, 8 ] HGH shows the greatest potential for increasing lean muscle mass in conjunction with vigorous resistance exercise, such as intensive weight training. [8] 

AIDS. Somatotropin is used in the treatment of AIDS-related wasting, which is the debilitating condition of body weight falling significantly below normal weight levels, with associated loss of energy and stamina. [9]

Anti-Aging Considerations
In 21-year-olds, the normal levels of circulating HGH is approximately 10 milligrams per deciliter of blood; in 61-year-olds, the average is 2 ml/dl, which represents an 80 percent decrease.. [3] tn some cases, older people have circulatory HGH levels that are less than 10 percent of youthful levels. [7] By age 65, an estimated 50 percent of the population is partially or wholly HGH deficient. [3] By the time men and women are in their 70's, 38 percent of adults are as deficient in HGH as growth-stunted children. [3]

Study results indicate that increased circulatory HGH has greater capacity to prevent and reverse the aging process than any other substance known to science. [10] In particular. HGH injections appear to hold great promise. The goal of all forms of HGH replacement therapy is to restore normal levels to those of early adulthood, for example, to age 30 years. HGH replacement improves sex drive, sexual performance, fertility, sperm production, and ovulation. [7] HGH therapy is more effective when administered in conjunction with DHEA therapy, as well as estrogen/progesterone replacement for women and testosterone replacement for men. [t]

HGH therapy effects the entire body: improving the skin, strengthening the bones, returning muscles and organs to their youthful size and function. [3, 7] In the area of skin quality, HGH replacement causes the epidermal to retain more water, which noticeably reduces wrinkling. In addition, the skin thickens, age spots diminish, accumulated sun damage is lessened, and the skin becomes softer to the touch. HGH therapy greatly improves the immune system, lowers risk of heart attack and stroke, and effectively fights obesity. [ 3, 7 ] Increasing HGH levels improves cardiac and pulmonary function, increases oxygen update, and increases exercise capacity- [11] Without exercise, HGH therapy increases muscle mass. Without dieting, HGH reduces body fat. With a law-fat diet and regular exercise, proper levels of HGH in the elderly have been shown to accelerate the reduction of body fat and promotion of lean muscle mass. Elderly men with age-shrunken organs and muscles experienced tissue regrowth such that their liver, spleen, and muscles again attained the size they had been in the men’s youth. [3] In some cases, the
head and facial hair thickened and turned from gray to the original color of their youth.

Researchers have reported additional findings: HGH replacement therapy has resulted in faster healing from any of several types of injury, fracture, or wound [7]; improvement in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s syndromes [7]; and enhanced brain function, mental well-being. and mood.

Safety Considerations
When ‘taken in the proper amounts, recombinant HGH is considered by some researchers to be safe with no known side effects or contraindications. However, others suggest that additional HGH may be linked to diabetes [12], cancer [13], and conditions such as severe fluid retention [14], high blood pressure [15], enlarged male breasts [2, 16], and acromegaly (facial, arm, and leg bone elongation).. [16. 17] 

There does not necessarily seem to be agreement as to what constitutes “proper amounts” although most studies concur that doses which are too great or too small are therapeutically ineffective. In Dr. Rudman’s landmark early studies, the doses were too high. which resulted in carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrists. [3] It is now known that excessive HGH over prolonged time frames may permanently result in enlargement of the joints and deepening of the voice. [18] HGH therapy is not advised for children and young people who have not yet attained their full height, unless they are under the direct care of a physician during treatment. [18]

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Approach (New York: 1980, Warner Books), pages 477-478, ISBN 0-446-38735-5 Vitality Research institute is dedicated to empowering people through education, by developing, documenting, and disseminating research findings on the timely subjects of anti-aging, human life longevity, nutrition-based vitality enhancement, and the vitality health sciences.
The information provided by Vitality Research Institute is intended to educate and enlighten and is not intended nor should it be utilized as medical advice; each individual’s specific health situation is unique, and individuals should seek the advice of a health care professional in matters related to his or her health and well-being.

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