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"A History of Oral HGH"

At HGH Research Laboratories, our goal is to gently influence physiological balance or homeostasis, rather than force a temporary change that may seem desirable at the onset, but may eventually result in imbalance.  

HGH Analog is biologically captured and sustained activated hybrid Somatotropin B in a complex polymer matrix that preserves and delivers the molecule into the body through the oral mucosa. The result is a powerful physiological response and feedback communication to the pituitary gland, stimulating a gradual and gentle increase in growth hormone production.

Previously, GH was only available through intra-muscular 1 injections due to its size and instability. Now, through revolutionary technology, HGH Analog is available in an oral microdilution spray, safe and effective for general supplementation. Growth hormone is the master hormone responsible for directly and indirectly overseeing the production of all hormones in the body.

Produced by the anterior gland, the five main functions of GH are: 

1. Transporting of amino acids across cell membranes 

2. Transcribing DNA to form RNA, provided all essential nutrients are available 

3. Promoting protein synthesis in cytoplasm 

4. Reducing tissue breakdown of amino acids and protein by mobilizing large amounts of free fatty acids from adipose tissue 

5. Controlling blood sugar utilization 

“Within four months, my body fat decreased from 30% down to 21%. I noticed that my skin seems to feel more supple. In addition, my overall mental outlook improved significantly. ”

D.W. New Jersey

" . . . I have experienced a greater sense of well-being and peace since starting on HGH Analog. My energy level has improved dramatically. "

... I.H. Acupuncturist


HGH Analog creator and formulator, Dr. Roy Dittman, has always had a fascination with growth factors. As early as age 11, he began experimenting with plant growth using giberillic acid. Giberillins are the functional equivalent to growth hormone in plants. In the 1980’s Dr. Dittman studied privately with microbiologists to understand the evolution of life forms via micro-organisms, and researched the impact of hormones on early human brain development.

Starting in 1984, Dr. Dittman began his work to determine safe and effective methods of evolving the human brain in the period from pre-conception to the first three years of life. In 1988, he formulated the first somato-sensory sound stimulation protocol for the fetal brain. In 1992, he co-founded The Leonardo Foundation with Dr. Thomas Blum, neuro-physiology professor, Benin, Germany. 

Their goal wasto combine science with natural methods to enhance early humanbrain development, and as a result of this collaboration, The Leonardo Foundation published two technical books on early human psycho-physiology. From 1992 to 1996, Dr. Dittman researched oral absorption technologies.

Consulting with some of the world’s leading experts on advanced oral absorption of large protein molecules and dietary supplements, he began writing a book on oral absorption. During the same time period, he theorized that IGF-2, regulated by growth hormone, was responsible for the enhancement of cognitive abilities in developing fetuses. 

This theory, later confirmed by Science Magazine (May, 1998) combined with his research on oral absorption led him to develop a safe, effective micro-dilution oral hybrid Somatotropin-B supplement. After three years of research on oral absorption, Dr. Dittman successfully developed a complex polymer matrix that allowed individuals the convenience of taking HGH Analog in an oral spray.

The matrix encapsulates the HGH Analog molecule, allowing it to enter into the body through the oral mucosa. In addition, the matrix successfully preserves the normally unstable HGH Analog, eliminating the need for refrigeration and making it possible and convenient for general consumption.



Hybrid Somatotropin ( hSB) Products HGH Analog contains Hybrid Somatotropin-B (hSB). HSB is a biologically activated hybrid growth hormone, encapsulated in a sequentially structured high polymer matrix (designed for high molecular weight proteins), and ionized with essential macro and trace elements.



For years, scientists have been trying to develop an 
effective oral delivery method for growth hormone, but have been unsuccessful due to the molecule’s large size and instability. I Now, with HGH Research Laboratories’ polymer matrix delivery system, safe, effective oral HGH Analog supplementation is finally possible.

Without this revolutionary technology, GH taken orally is essentially broken down into simple amino acids, losing its unique physiological properties. 
But with polymer matrix technology, HGH Analog is successfully preserved, encapsulated, and delivered into the body through the oral mucosa. 

I immediately experienced improved sleep patterns 
and more vivid dreaming. I found that I required less sleep and had more energy throughout the day." 
_ Andrew W., San Diego

The studies comprised 18 subjects; 11 male, 7 female. IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-l) readings were taken prior to commencement of supplementation and again after 2 - 6 months of product usage. Subjects received 3-4 sprays daily for a range of 50 - 100 ng/ml per day. Out of the 18 tested, 13 began the study with IGF-1 readings with the normal range for their age and sex (‘In range’), and 5 began with ‘Out of range’ IGF-1 levels suggesting a weakened physiological state.

Of the 13 ‘In range’ subjects, 11 individuals (85%) experienced an average increase in IGF-1 of 34% (range of 11% to 80%). Of the ‘Out of range’ subjects, 2 experienced an average increase of 52% (42 nglml) and 3
subjects experienced little change, respecting the body’s sensitive condition.

Six of the eighteen subjects were also tested for testosterone and DHEA. Levels were taken twice; once prior to commencement of supplementation, and again 3 - 6 weeks later. Subjects comprised 5 males and 1 female.

Of the 5 males tested:

        4 out of 5 males recorded an average increase in testosterone (range of 8% to 73%)

        1 male’s testosterone levels remained constant

        3 of 5 males recorded a reduction in DHEA (average 16%) as contrasted with 2 males showing an
        average 18% increase in DHEA.

1 female tested:

        1 female recorded a 27% increase in DHEA, offset by a 24% reduction in testosterone.

        Average Percent Increase of 37%
        Mean Increase of 28 nglml
        P = 0.004. % probability that the results occurred by chance

‘For months I tried to lose weight and improve my energy level. First I tried a growth hormone precursor 
effect Then II tried HG Analog. After three months but my blood pressure heart condition stabilized. I feel great. " 

P.B., the Netherland


Who should use HGH Analog? 

During somatopause (mid-life), there is a significant decline in levels of somatomedin-C, a liver hormone also known as Insulin-Like Growth Factor, or IGF-1. This results in a marked reduction in GH levels and a consequent decrease in physiological function. 

During somatopause, individuals lose their natural vitality as cells and organs gradually dehydrate and diminish in size and function. In addition, somatopause is associated with decreased immune system function and ability to resist infection. HGH Analog was designed to combat the impact of somatopause and to optimally raise growth hormone and IGF-1 levels 

What lifestyle changes support the production of HGH Analog? 

The following key lifestyle factors all support the production of growth hormone: balanced nutrition; consumption of living whole foods;Supplementation with synergistic vitamins, minerals, and amino acids; consistent exercise and strength training; adequate sleep, pure water; and limited consumption of processed foods, hydrogenated fats, 
sugars, salt, and alcohol. 

How can I track my physiological progress with HGH Analog? What tests should I have Done? 

GH levels are tested indirectly, with a blood test for IGF-1, which is a stable indicator of GH levels. Among 
other functions, GH regulates IGF-1 production in the liver. Most individuals over the age of 35 will have initial IGF-1 levels of 100 to 200 ng/ml In addition to IGF-1, consider the following blood and hormone panel: pregnenalone, thyroid ( T3, T7, TSH, TBG), progesterone, estrogens (estriol, estradiol, estrone), testosterone (freedihydro-, total-), DHEA, PSA, AMAST, and CA-125. 

Can anyone take HGH Analog? 

HGH Analog is safe and non-toxic. It is a micro-dilution hSB (Hybrid Somatotropin-B) product designed to minor the body’s nature growth hormone secretions. However, if you are pregnant, under the age of 20, or if you have health concerns, please consult with a qualified health care professional prior to supplementation.

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